Meet Sarah Behr.

When I was five years old, I began saving for college and maintaining a weekly budget of 25 cents (my allowance at the time). Since then, I've been a saver, planner, and investor.

I've spent the last several years with UBS and Credit Suisse overseeing private customers' investments and personal finances. I graduated from Wake Forest University with a Bachelor’s degree.

I volunteer with City Hope and the San Francisco County Jail for a part of my time. I am devoted to social justice and community participation.


Above all, I am a Registered Investment Advisor and a member of the Financial Planners Association and the Garrett Planning Network. I adhere to a Fiduciary Standard and Code of Ethics, which implies that I prioritize your interests before mine.

I do not get a commission from the financial products I offer, nor do I gain any financial advantage from your investment portfolio.

I charge a flat fee for your Financial Plan; there is no hidden cost!

Simplify Financial In The News!

I wanted statistical evidence. My partner wanted emotional guidance. I bring all this up to illustrate how Sarah is a financial advisor with as much financial intelligence as she has emotional intelligence. She's a great listener and we are both extremely grateful for that.
Zach A, Los Angeles
  • Great planning meeting - Sarah helped me hone in on my goals and clearly outlined how much I need to be saving for retirement and other financial goals I have in mind.
    Shmulik F.
    San Francisco
  • "We really really valued our session with Sarah. Our confidence in our financial future is up 1000% since our meeting."
    Katherine H.
    Cambridge, MA
  • Sarah is sharp and knows her stuff. She's concise; I like the flat-fee, 1 hour meeting format. She keeps it simple -- I didn't get overwhelmed with too much info. I felt like her action plan kicked my butt into gear! 
    Jess L.
    Oakland, CA

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